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Home Foreclosure

California Attorney: Home Foreclosure Avoidance

If you are at risk of losing your home, we understand that you may feel frightened. It is hard to know who to trust when so much is at stake. It is important, however, to take immediate action. Sometimes people become so afraid when they can’t make a mortgage payment that they just freeze up and do nothing. That is the worst possible solution.

In almost all cases involving residential property these days, the foreclosure process is a non-judiciary process and begins with the recording of a Notice of Default. This notice is recorded with the Recorder’s Office in the county where the real estate is located. Once commenced, you have 90 days within which to reinstate the loan which is being foreclosed. Assuming the loan is not brought current by the deadline, the next step in the process involves the recording of a Notice of Sale. The sale cannot take place sooner than 21 days following the publication of the Notice of Sale.

At any point prior to the sale of the property, individuals may file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 and stop further action against their property. Of course, the Chapter 13 (Reorganization) most often is the preferred route, particularly if the action is coupled with a lien “stripping” of junior liens.

If you are behind on mortgage payments or foresee that you will not be able to keep up due to a job loss or other financial challenge, contact an attorney immediately to discuss your options. If you act promptly, your attorney can offer a wide range of solutions.

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How Can We Help?

Depending on the facts of your case, there are a number of alternatives that may be available to you, including Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a short sale or loan modification.

At your free consultation, you will meet with attorney David R. Gunnin. Mr. Gunnin has been helping clients with debt challenges for nearly 30 years. He will analyze your financial situation and provide information about your legal rights and options. Mr. Gunnin has helped thousands of clients find solutions to difficult debt challenges.

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