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IRS and State Tax Levies

IRS Tax Levy Tax Relief Lawyer San Bernardino   

Government Tax Levies: State and Federal

If you have unpaid taxes and are facing an IRS levy or state tax levy, the Law Offices of David R. Gunnin can help. In some instances, your taxes may be dischargeable in bankruptcy (see also IRS Information/Back Taxes). Attorney David R. Gunnin has providing bankruptcy and debt relief services to clients for nearly 30 years.

We are dedicated and highly knowledgeable about the complex challenges presented by state and federal tax levies. Contact our law office in Chino, California, if you need assistance with these and other debt challenges:

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and State Tax Levies

Taxing authorities have broad constitutional powers to levy and collect taxes. In most instances, individuals need to know what their rights are with respect to the collection of those taxes. The Internal Revenue Service and, here in California, the Franchise Tax Board, have guidelines that they follow with respect to the collection of overdue taxes.

IRS Levy

The IRS has the authority to levy against your wages, bank accounts and other properties. They are not limited to a set amount for each levy and they are entitled to issue a levy against your bank accounts. You can, through a Chapter 13 Reorganization, repay those taxes and usually not face interest and/or penalties. If you have not filed your tax returns or you simply did not have the money to pay the taxes when they were due, let us help you protect your financial security and deal with your obligations in a direct and forthright manner.

IRS Liens

IRS liens placed against your property, generally real estate, usually cannot be removed until the taxes are paid. There are ways to negotiate a full or partial release of these types of liens, including the filing of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Offer in Compromise

Under certain circumstances, the IRS may grant you an "Offer in Compromise." An Offer in Compromise will forgive a portion of your tax debt. Typically, these are granted where there is doubt as to whether the amount of taxes you owe is correct; doubt that you could ever pay the full amount; or the collection of the full tax debt would cause “economic hardship.” We will examine your situation to determine whether or not this is a viable option.

If you are an innocent spouse: An innocent spouse may be able to challenge tax obligations if that person was not at fault or was unaware that taxes were not being paid.

Contact a Lawyer

If you are facing an IRS or state tax levy and need help, contact the Law Offices of David R. Gunnin. We are pleased to serve clients throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Call 800-300-4648 to schedule a free consultation today.

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